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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taste it Tuesday!

Today’s Taste it Tuesday is brought to you by the corner store “POPS” and the Korean Bakery.

I picked out both of today’s items.  Our first item is called banana milk.  I have to admit that I was looking at the milk section with the intent to buy Mrs. Rude something to use as creamer in her coffee.  When I saw this I couldn’t resist…because she HATES bananas! (As I write this it remains to be seen if she will actually taste IT.)

Our second item is what looks like a fake Oreo…Fauxrio?  Okay this is not that adventurous, but I knew Mrs. Rude would eat it and it DID look good!

Our last items are three variety packs of Korean cakes from a bakery closer to school. 

Our rating scale is brought to you by one of our favorite Korean foods Kimchi!  We will be rating on a scale of 1-5 bowls of Kimchi.

Banana Milk:
Mr. Rude: Tastes exactly like banana pudding! 3 ½ bowls of kimchi!
Mrs. Rude: YEAH RIGHT! Zero kimchi! I refuse!

Fake Oreos:
Mr. Rude: Tastes just like an oreo.  5 bowls of kimchi.
Mrs. Rude: Agreed.  Yum. 5 bowls of kimchi.

Rainbow Korean Cake:
Mr. Rude: My favorite! Soft, mushy…rice chex? 3 ½ bowls of kimchi
Mrs. Rude: Tastes like sponge cake only not sweet. 2 bowls of kimchi.  Probably I wouldn’t buy it again.

Ball looking cake (peach, red, black):
Mr. Rude: Yellow was good but I didn’t wasn’t liking the other two. 2 bowls of kimchi.
Mrs. Rude: Yellow is good!  Three bowls of kimchi.

Swirly Cakes:
Mr. Rude: Doesn’t taste like anything. But I do like the texture. 2 bowls of kimchi.
Mrs. Rude: Not a whole lot of flavor going on here…tastes like the outside of mochi. 1 bowl of kimchi.

As the weeks go on I assume we will become more adventurous! Unless you send us something you think we should try….  Comment below!

The Rudes

Yummy! Kimchi!

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apartment Tour!

Hello all!  Everyone has been begging to see where we live so… I hope you are ready for our grand apartment tour!  Let me refresh your memory with a picture of the outside of our building.

We live on the third floor, above the Darin Café, an Italian restaurant.  After you use the fancy automated locks you walk into our entryway/kitchen/dining room.  We are both really digging the giant storage closet that is by the front door.  It fits all our shoes (while I am known for exaggerating I don’t think 30 pairs is too far off), all our coats, our “gift cupboard”,  and some office stuff.
Our kitchen area is MUCH bigger than we anticipated!  Lots of cupboards (especially when you have two pots and three plates) and a GIANT sink. 

 The fridge is the size of my classroom fridge plus a tiny freezer on top.  We moved it on top of the random desk thingy and squeezed the microwave and toaster next to it.  Now the fridge is easily accessible for 6ft+ Mr. Rude.  Our table is teeny tiny and tends to attract all our clutter at the moment.   
Coming off the main kitchen area are two bedrooms and the bathroom.  Right when you enter the apartment there is a sliding door to your left.  This leads into the smaller of the two rooms.  This came with a fancy overstuffed leather chair.
The bathroom is very different!  There is a big lip to step into the room.  The entire floor leads to a drain.  We have a fancy bidet…that we cannot read.   There is a sink, some storage and a very nice shower.  I would also like to note that the window is pretty crazy.  It is almost double paned…except the panes work like sliding closet doors…I’m not quite sure how to explain (or utilize) this feature.
The bigger of the two rooms has the queen size bed (fairly comfy).  There is a tall shelfy/hanging closet type thinger.  
This room leads out to our “deck” area. I say “deck” because it really feels like another room with a giant window.  This area is where the washer is (no dryer) and a big storage closet.  Emphasis on the BIG, we were able to store four of our suitcases and lots of clothes in it!

Of course we have to end the tour with the one and only fancy bit of décor!  

Thursday, August 14, 2014

We've arrived!

Asiana Airlines
We have now been living in South Korea for 12 hours.  Today is a Korean National holiday (Liberation Day), so finding an open place to get coffee/food was a bit tricky (also no one we talked to spoke English :o).


Our travel over was great! Asiana airlines was very nice. The Korean food, bibimbap was delicious!  Much better than the "American" meal of chicken and pasta we had later in the flight (thankfully we had left over gochujang to spice it up a bit!
Goodbye Seattle!
Each seat came with a blanket, pillow, headphones, and these sweet slippers! (I may have kept them and already used them at our apartment!)
We both watched movies, slept, and drank a ton of water.

Thankfully our recruiter gave us great info on navigating the airport in Incheon.
The airport also had lots of signs in English and we did not get lost.  We even got a good giggle over the carts of Cuckoo rice cookers.  We got one as a wedding present from our Korean "flower woman" Yao Eun. :D
Carts of Cuckoo rice cookers at the airport
The only bummer about immigration and customs was that we our beef jerky was quarantined, AKA not allowed. Sad face!

Our recruiter had organized our ride, a Mr. Joe, to pick us up from the airport and drive us to our apartment.  The taxi van was super spiffy, I may have giggled over the tufted leather ceiling.  It was a comfy hour long ride and we would have been completely lost without him!

A rep from our school met us at our apartment with our Arrival Store box.  Wherein we struggled to carry our five 50+ lb luggages (which may have cost us $300 to bring with us... ;o)  up to the THIRD FLOOR.  They don't do elevators?!  Just think of all the fitbit steps we will be getting!
Exaggerated exhaustion (I only carried one!)
Our apartment is SO nice!  Anyone want to see pictures in a future post?  I am pretty sure our apartment in Korea is nicer but smaller than "the glen" apartment.  Automated keyless locks, AC, video intercom door, and we live on top of an italian restaurant.  We are living near the university so there is a TON of shops, restaurants, and coffee shops...sadly today is a national holiday and not much was open.  We did find coffee, sparkle water, and internet.  Now we are on to the next adventure, finding lunch a
Our apartment building
We did find coffee, sparkle water, and internet.  Now we are on to the next adventure, finding lunch and cleaning our apartment!  OOlala!  Thanks for all the prayers for safe travel!  Keep the questions coming.  We are excited to be here but miss everyone from back home!
~The Rudes~

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Today is the Day! We Move to Korea!

Packing our Home

Mr. Rudes thoughts:

Packing the Glen
Today is the day! It’s time again for the Rudes to move! So far we have managed to move on average once per year from the time we have been married. This move is by far the furthest, smallest and most difficult out of the past four. Packing the house was a breeze - except for the moving of large furniture, (A huge thanks to Mr. Wooldridge for helping us out!) - and most of our belongings are in storage.

Mrs. Rude and I will be packing everything we need for the next year in our five suitcases and two carry-ons. At first it sounded like plenty of space…. Then I packed my shoes and pants alone and quickly realized this would be a challenge!
Before- Empty and clean!

Mrs. Rudes thoughts:
The funniest part about moving this round was how many trips we made.  Normally you make one big trip where you move everything in one day.  This time we had almost a month and a half after I had finished my masters program and the date we wanted to move out.  We ended up loading up our car with random things every time we made a trip to my parent’s house (close to our storage unit).   

The best part about moving is purging.  We sorted though SO much of our stuff.  It is amazing that even after settling in one place just for two years we had almost 5 trips worth of goodwill stuff.  Then we donated foodstuff to the local church.  (On a gross note, we did find some gum that expired in 2010. EW!)

The Glen is all Empty and Clean

I still have not done my final packing of my suitcases.  Am I really going to be able to get all of it into two suitcases?  I will keep you posted.  Wish me luck!

The Rudes

Saturday, August 2, 2014


Exciting news here! We are going to KOREA for a year! Its Finally official!! Visas confirmed, in hand and tickets are purchased! We depart August 13th and are contracted through the school year.

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The Rudes