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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Taste it Tuesday!

Today’s Taste it Tuesday is brought to you by the corner store “POPS” and the Korean Bakery.

I picked out both of today’s items.  Our first item is called banana milk.  I have to admit that I was looking at the milk section with the intent to buy Mrs. Rude something to use as creamer in her coffee.  When I saw this I couldn’t resist…because she HATES bananas! (As I write this it remains to be seen if she will actually taste IT.)

Our second item is what looks like a fake Oreo…Fauxrio?  Okay this is not that adventurous, but I knew Mrs. Rude would eat it and it DID look good!

Our last items are three variety packs of Korean cakes from a bakery closer to school. 

Our rating scale is brought to you by one of our favorite Korean foods Kimchi!  We will be rating on a scale of 1-5 bowls of Kimchi.

Banana Milk:
Mr. Rude: Tastes exactly like banana pudding! 3 ½ bowls of kimchi!
Mrs. Rude: YEAH RIGHT! Zero kimchi! I refuse!

Fake Oreos:
Mr. Rude: Tastes just like an oreo.  5 bowls of kimchi.
Mrs. Rude: Agreed.  Yum. 5 bowls of kimchi.

Rainbow Korean Cake:
Mr. Rude: My favorite! Soft, mushy…rice chex? 3 ½ bowls of kimchi
Mrs. Rude: Tastes like sponge cake only not sweet. 2 bowls of kimchi.  Probably I wouldn’t buy it again.

Ball looking cake (peach, red, black):
Mr. Rude: Yellow was good but I didn’t wasn’t liking the other two. 2 bowls of kimchi.
Mrs. Rude: Yellow is good!  Three bowls of kimchi.

Swirly Cakes:
Mr. Rude: Doesn’t taste like anything. But I do like the texture. 2 bowls of kimchi.
Mrs. Rude: Not a whole lot of flavor going on here…tastes like the outside of mochi. 1 bowl of kimchi.

As the weeks go on I assume we will become more adventurous! Unless you send us something you think we should try….  Comment below!

The Rudes

Yummy! Kimchi!

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