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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Hike to School

Todays post will take you along the Rude's HIKE to school everyday! It took us about a week to find a shortcut as our commute was about 35 minutes to work. As much as we love our apartment and location, there are a few trade off's, this being one of them... Our shortcut takes about 20 minutes off our normal walking route.

Here we go!

He we are on the main street right off our apartment building. It takes about 3 minutes to get to the busy "main" road. It's full of cafes, restaurants, and random other stores.

Once we get to the main road, we have about a 2 minute wait until we are allowed to cross the street. All the traffic lights cycle through and then the streets are open to pedestrians for about 35 seconds.

We arrive at the freeway entrance and take the side path up along side morning traffic

Soon after we find the head of the trail and follow the path of chopped down trees that make a nice little path.

There are lots of trees in Korea and the walk is quite nice.

 Now here comes the real hiking, here is the first half of the stair climb......45 stairs

 After that we have about another 46 stairs to the top. Its not terribly bad but we are usually carrying full backpacks and pretty sweaty by the time we reach the top!

Once we arrive at the top of the flight of stairs we come to Suji Park and we think is a retirement Activity center. We have become friends with some of the morning walkers and joggers and see them everyday on our way to school. The park has an indoor croquet field....

 Some exercise equipment....

 A bathroom, that we have be glad to stop in and use on a walk or two home, and it will also be a nice shelter and place to warm up a bit on our winter walks.... that will be coming up soon!

 and a few dirt fields of some sort.....

After about 4 years of recession the housing complexes in the area have started building again.

 This first neighborhood is really nice and completed. I am guessing they are pretty spendy apartments.
 This is what we call the "ghost towers" some of the rooms are furnished and covered in dirt and cobwebs but its completely run down and not finished.
 This is the last section of housing that the are working on, for the time being it looks like this project has been abandoned. The homes are really cute according to Mrs. Rude and they are modeled after homes in America.

FINALLY!!! We make to the halfway point of the "Hill to school"

We hope you enjoyed our walk to school and we will be posting about our school next!!

The Rudes!


  1. No wonder you are ranking so high on your fit bits. Looks like quite the adventure.

    1. Fit bit steps are up! I was thinking they would be a bit more but we did find a short cut..... :)