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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Food Photos!

There have been a lot of questions about what we eat while we are living in Korea:) Here is a post dedicated to just food! Most everything we have tried we like, we eat out the majority of our meals. Grocery shopping is expensive compared to home (not much cheaper than eating out) and we have limited fridge/freezer space and culturally its what you do in Korea. Here are some pictures of food we have had over the last few weeks.  Enjoy !!

- The Rudes

Breakfast at Home - Egg, Mushrooms, English Muffin and Cheese!!

School Lunch

Top - bibimbap
Below- Kimbap

Snacks from the deli at the grocery store

Dos Mex- Mrs Rude says it taste like a whopper with fries in it.
 "Mexican Food"

Spicy Pork 

Soft tofu seafood soup 

Bomb school Lunch - Mr. Rude
Tuna, Egg, Rice, Mayo and Teriyaki Sauce "casserole"
"Pizza", Kimchi and Salad

Frozen Beer

Fried Chicken - So good! 

Cold Noodle Soup

Spicy pollock Noodles

Hot rice pollock soup

Pork Spine Soup - sort of like Pho on crack :)

Dinner from the corner store 
Mango Bingsu - Shaved Ice Cream is the best description I can come up with. 

Pho - not the same :(

monkey bread

Street tent food - Black Pudding and Liver 

Spicy Kimchi Ramen

Tempura Corn Dog? - Delicious

Really good food - not sure what the dishes are called

Sparkle Water

School Lunch 

Kimbap and Ramen

bulgogi bake from costco

Steamed buns - Pizza, veggie/pork, kimchi

snack food!

galbi - BBQ meat 

seasoned green onions for galbi

School Lunch

Dinner at Home - Salad and dumplings 

Potato Pizza

Dinner at home 

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