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Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Taste it Tuesday

Today we bring you another "Taste it Tuesday" post. Thanks to the snack shack at Everland Theme Park in Yongin and Homeplus Express (local grocery store) .  As we continue to taste new food we try to become more adventurous!

Todays tastes:

Broccoli Juice - This is not from Korea per say... I think its Thai? Mr. Rude was on the hunt for sparkle water and this caught his eye while shopping at HomePlus Express and thought this would be something new to try!

Mr. Rudes thoughts - Pretty Skeptical... Not expecting it to taste that great. And, it actually pretty good! It taste more like and apple juice than broccoli.  Its light, refreshing and I would totally drink this again. I give this a rating of 4 Kimchi's!

Mrs. Rudes thoughts - (Gets a chaser before even trying...) And, it tastes like apple juice. I don't really like apple juice. (giggles) I would not drink this again. I give this 2 Kimchi's, I was expecting this to be way worse.

Peanut Butter Roasted Squid - This was a snack we found while visiting Everland Theme Park. I walked by this stand and knew we had to try this out! We like squid (especially when Mr. Rude finds it street cart style) and we are both fans of Peanut Butter.

Mr. Rudes thoughts - Its chewy, not much peanut butter taste, and lots of "squid" taste.  My expectations were not too high but high enough to be disappointed. I have had much worse food experiences in my life but would not eat this again. I would give this 1/2 Kimchi.

Mrs. Rudes Thoughts - gross. I am bummed we paid money for this.... It sounded really good, but disappointing :( I would give this 0 Kimchi's.

Thats it for this segment of Taste it Tuesday! Thanks for reading and if you have a food we should try let us know in the comments or Ask the Rudes column.

The Rudes!

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