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Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Most people take advantage of their 3-day vacation to rest and relax. Not the Rudes…. We ventured out and took our first trip to COSTCO in Korea. It took a bus, two transfers on the subway and a taxi to get there in just a little over an hour!

It was NUTS!  Picture Costco at the busiest you have ever seen it…and multiply that by 5, its about the same space of a Costco in the states but it goes up instead of out! It’s three stories high, with only one escalator.  I may have gotten the stink eye for running into someone’s heels multiple times.  The entire store was like one big line, you got in line for the escalator to get to the other floors…and then toured the first floor…while making your way down to the basement.  We didn’t even make it to the top floor…I can only guess that maybe it was furniture?? Or parking? I don’t know. It was great to have three of us! We took turns standing in line with our cart while the others walked around and shopped. Lucky for us the labels were in English and Korean.

Pricewise we were able to find some of our favorites but at a steeper cost than at home.  The joy of Tillamook pepper jack cheese at the price of 13,000 (about 13 US dollars) … totally worth it!  Not everything was that expensive though.  The deals of the day were big towels and a Britta filter system. They were 2x cheaper than anywhere else we have shopped. We also bought blueberries, mushrooms, salami, avocados (13USD for 5… L) the largest jar of strawberry jam I have ever seen and maybe a bottle of wine :)

Riding up to the 2nd floor

We were excited that our Costco membership card and American Express both worked there. Woohoo, membership points!  I foresee this being a monthly trip with a group from work.

We ended the visit with a trip to the food court.  It had a GIANT seating area compared with our home Costco. We tried the chicken bake, bulgogi bake and soda’s.  Both bakes were delicious but the “diet” Pepsi (Pepsi Zero?) was terrible... says Mrs. Rude. The food is pretty much the same as home with the addition of Mushroom soup and the berry smoothie is Pink. 

All in all it was a wonderful trip. We have to say a huge thanks to our friend Ms. Gwon for coming with us! We would have been lost without her! 

Yay for Bugolgi Bake!! 

The Rudes

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