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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Seoul Olympic Park - Lunch Date!

With fall approaching fast we are running out of nice summer days! The transition period from summer to fall has been producing some of the best weather I have ever experienced. We thought we better take advantage of the weather and make something of our Saturday. What started as planning a hiking day for Mr. Rude turned into a picnic lunch date with Mrs. Rude at Seoul Olympic Park instead :)

Olympic park was the home of the 1988 Summer Olympics held in South Korea. The park is huge and its really neat that it is still utilized today. There are museums, stages/arena for performing, a rose garden, sports park,  and a large open grass area to hang out and play in.
There are many walking paths and the park is very well maintained and take more than three hours to take it all in. It is also full of history! Not only were the Olympics held here but there are historic remains from the Baekje era too. 

We started our day around noon departing from Jukjeon Station in Yongin. It took two buses and a three line transfer trip on the subway to get to the park. It was a pretty busy Saturday on the subway.

We arrive about an hour later and started our tour around the park. 

There were several couples out that day getting wedding and engagement photos done that day :)

Monster Wind Chime!!

Rose Gardens at the park smelled so good!

Seattle Art? 

Large green to relax and unwind on the weekends

Stopped and had a picnic lunch

And.... maybe a nap :)
Our next stop included some Baekje ruins of a pit hut form ~ (B.C. 18-475 A.D). The were excavated around the 80's and many pottery, iron weapons, and tools/armor made from bone were found.

It was a dark building and my pictures did not turn out of the actual pit ruins, but here is a replica of what it would have looked like.

Back on the trail again we decided to walk around one half of the park.  This leg went past lots of greenery, rivers, man made lakes and many of Seoul's tall towers. Leaves are already starting to turn which means fall will be arriving quickly! 

We ended our day at the park at the peace arch. There was a festival that happened to be going on that day and we were able to listen to and see a variety of performances from traditional folk music to Korean and American pop music cheer squad routines. 

After walking all day (more than 8 miles) we were so hungry! We were able to meet up with our friend Ms. Paik in her neck of Seoul and we had some amazing Korean BBQ. 

We ended the day with some coffee to keep us awake on the subway.  Of course we had to try the tiramisu and apple cobbler desserts they offered!  Seoul has yet to disappoint in adventures and food!

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