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Sunday, October 19, 2014

School Tour! - A day of what teaching is like for the Rudes at BHCS

We have had a few inquiries as to what our school looks like, how many students we teach and what a typical day is like. I will start with a school tour and then talk about the students that we teach and what our day is like.

The School is located on top of a hill in a pretty quiet area of town (except for the construction that is currently going on, which I only notice on our walk to school). It's a four story building and was built around ~2010. The school moved here from a church basement about forty minutes from where it is now and it currently continues to grow. There are about 170 students combined in the Elementary and Secondary programs.

The entry way on the first floor. There is a shelf on the left to place your outdoor shoes and slip into your indoor shoes for the day.

The multi-purpose room - Chapel, Assemblies, Indoor recess and PE when weather will not permit class outside etc...

Lunch Room

Floor 2 - Elementary Classrooms and main office

Elementary Hallway Grades 1-6 

Mrs. Rudes first grade classroom

All Cleaned up for an Assembly 

View from Mrs. Rudes Window

Floor Three - Secondary Rooms Grades 7-12
My Room!
Not that exciting... or well done as Mrs. Rude's room :) Its more of an office for me/extra classroom for elective classes for now.
Here is where I teach my PE class

Mrs. Rude and Mr. Kim are pretty excited to show off their bulletin board work.
Secondary teachers copy/ prep/ office room 
The big yellow BHCS school bus!

 Mrs. Rude - 

# of students: 14
Classroom set up: 4 circle tables, a “carpet/calendar/library” area, the back wall is all cubbies, the side wall is the bookcase full of students workbooks, and the window wall has a sink and the teacher desk.
Technology: Just the teacher computer (I use my computer screen to show videos)

Daily life:
7:40- arrive at school and prep for the day
8:15 – first bell: students start coming in and do a “get-set” work job
8:30 – second bell – attendance, morning routines  (helper etc)
            Homeroom – daily prayer, rule review, memory verse practice
            Language Arts – Spelling, Phonics instruction
9:25 – Planning (my students have Korean class)
10:15– Language Arts – Writing/Grammar/etc
10:35  - Morning Break = snack time and bathroom for first graders!
10:45 - Language Arts – reading (Some students have ESL pullout)
11:30 – first grade goes to lunch a bit early (just like back home!)
            Lunch and Recess
12:30 – Math
1:10 – in-class break for first grade. I usually play my “exercise song” (Listen and Move by Greg and Steve)
1:15 – Social Studies (In second semester this will be science)
2:00 – Get ready for specialist
2:05 – Music or P.E.
2:55 – Afternoon break (Snack/bathroom)
3:05 – Bible: review our memory verse, discuss it, continue with our bible story of the week (I usually read the story and then we watch a YouTube video of the same story) and do a worksheet
3:40 – Class News
3:45 – get lined up and walk downstairs
3:50 – go outside to meet all the parents for pick-up, only two of my students ride the bus

Awesome parts: having only 14 students means I can monitor and provide feedback so much better than with 21+ kiddos.  I love being able to pray and talk about God with my students.  I really enjoy the people we teach with, it is a wonderful group of people.  My amazingly sweet and totally cute students. Really though, everyone loves the first graders.

Stuggles: There is no supply closet, no Mrs. Greer to order things that are missing, no rolls of butcher paper.  I really miss my projector and document camera, I have had to adjust how I teach a lot to compensate for not having this tool.  When I buy stuff with my classroom budget I have to hike with it up to school = sweaty Mrs. Rude!

Mr. Rude - 

Number of Students: 151 (Grades 1-10 and ESL)
Smallest class = 5
Largest class = 23

I teach both Elementary and Secondary students but considered a member of the  Elementary teaching team.

Classroom set up:  Outdoor "field" space. Small space/workable/ and I don't mind class outside when the weather is nice.  It will be interesting come winter.... better unpack the jacket soon :0 

I do have a classroom and share it with some of our elective classes.  

Daily Schedule: depends on the day. Elementary week (even weeks) I teach grades 1-6 on M,W,F and grades 7-10 Tu, Th. 
Secondary Week (odd weeks) I teach grades 7-10 M,W,F  and grades 1-6 on Tu, Th. We usually arrive to school by 7:30-7:45 and first period bell rings at 8:30 but kids show up around 8:15. 

Wednesdays are enrichment days: We have a shortened schedule (30 min classes) to allow for chapel and Clubs time at the end of the day. Clubs include: Sports, Games, Christmas Concert Prep, Homework, Movie, Orchestra and Reading club for elementary students.

Elementary Day Schedule: 
Period 1- Prep
Period 2- Prep
Period 3-   Teach Grade 5/6
Period 4 - Recess Duty 
Period 5 - Lunch Break
Period 6 - Teach Grade 3/4/ESL
Period 7 - Teach Grade 1
Period 8 -  Teach Grade 2 

Secondary Day Schedule:
Period 1 - Grade 7
Period 2 - Grade 10
Period 3 - Prep
Period 4 - Grade 9 
Period 5 - Lunch Break
Period 6 - Grade 8
Period 7 - Prep
Period 8 - Christmas concert prep

What I love: Enrichment Wednesdays! We have some very talented students and staffs that lead chapel band for Elementary and Secondary chapel worship. I love hearing the students sing! School Lunch! - We have to pay for it but it is very convenient and the food  good for the most part.Teaching staff! Very supportive/ helpful and fun people to be around!! The students! Challenging at times but they always find a way to make me smile. Morning prep! love it ... until the afternoon. :) 

Overall, School is going great and we are enjoying our time in Korea :) Hope you enjoyed "touring" our school.

-The Rudes

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