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Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Apartment Tour!

Hello all!  Everyone has been begging to see where we live so… I hope you are ready for our grand apartment tour!  Let me refresh your memory with a picture of the outside of our building.

We live on the third floor, above the Darin Café, an Italian restaurant.  After you use the fancy automated locks you walk into our entryway/kitchen/dining room.  We are both really digging the giant storage closet that is by the front door.  It fits all our shoes (while I am known for exaggerating I don’t think 30 pairs is too far off), all our coats, our “gift cupboard”,  and some office stuff.
Our kitchen area is MUCH bigger than we anticipated!  Lots of cupboards (especially when you have two pots and three plates) and a GIANT sink. 

 The fridge is the size of my classroom fridge plus a tiny freezer on top.  We moved it on top of the random desk thingy and squeezed the microwave and toaster next to it.  Now the fridge is easily accessible for 6ft+ Mr. Rude.  Our table is teeny tiny and tends to attract all our clutter at the moment.   
Coming off the main kitchen area are two bedrooms and the bathroom.  Right when you enter the apartment there is a sliding door to your left.  This leads into the smaller of the two rooms.  This came with a fancy overstuffed leather chair.
The bathroom is very different!  There is a big lip to step into the room.  The entire floor leads to a drain.  We have a fancy bidet…that we cannot read.   There is a sink, some storage and a very nice shower.  I would also like to note that the window is pretty crazy.  It is almost double paned…except the panes work like sliding closet doors…I’m not quite sure how to explain (or utilize) this feature.
The bigger of the two rooms has the queen size bed (fairly comfy).  There is a tall shelfy/hanging closet type thinger.  
This room leads out to our “deck” area. I say “deck” because it really feels like another room with a giant window.  This area is where the washer is (no dryer) and a big storage closet.  Emphasis on the BIG, we were able to store four of our suitcases and lots of clothes in it!

Of course we have to end the tour with the one and only fancy bit of décor!